Not Another Love Story... PLEASE Not Another Love Story!

I spun on my heel and walked away, bored out of my head. I could feel him running up on me. I reached behind my back and yanked his arm, followed by the rest of him, over my head. He, of course, had the dagger in his hand. Seeing the once threatening figure sprawled out over the ground, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Stop it!” He yelled. This only made me laugh harder. Before I knew it, I was doubled over. That didn’t last long. Of course, he had pulled me upright and, of course, had the dagger to my neck. I made him lower the dagger, then took it out of his hand.

“Remember when we were together?” I asked, faking innocence.

“Yes…” he hissed.

“You wanna know how I feel about those times?” This was gonna be awesome.

“How?” he asked, his voice softening. I buried the dagger.

“I think they’re GONE ! No getting them back! Ha!” I took off running, just like a little kid. Only I wasn’t giggling. Only on the inside. I’d have to control my laughing personality if I wanted to stay alive with insults….

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