She's Always A Woman

She can kill with a smile. Her stunning smile. Her perfectly puckered lips. She can warm with her eyes. Her gorgeous, pool blue eyes. She hides like a child but she can’t hide her beauty. Her pure, golden sunrays of hair. Her sunkissed skin. She takes care of herself. Every detail is supremely perfect. Even her sweet voice. Her voice is like milk and honey even when she casually lies. Even when she curls her perfect golden hair around her perfectly manicured fingers and lies right to your face. She’ll make promises—she’ll promise you more than the Garden of Eden—promises that both of you know she could never keep but just one moment bathing in the light of her presence is enough. Even when she breaks a promise or is caught in a lie, even when it kills you on the inside, and she giggles like your pain never meant anything, she is always a woman to me.

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