Crushed Munday

” Go go go!”
The breaching charge was deafening, my ears still ringing as I stepped into the office. Quick scan – lobby, empty. Scattered papers, left in a hurry. A crushed paper cup, surrounded by a moat of coffee.
On through open double doors, the rest of the SWAT team following behind. Cubicles, lots of them. And two people, standing behind a desk in a corner office. One was waving something, the other gesturing desperately at the first. A body, bullet holes in the glass front of the office. A gun. The man was waving a gun.
“Freeze, police!”
The man with the gun froze, the other ducked under the desk. I brought the MP5 up to my shoulder to fire when the bomb went off, quite a bit more of a shock than the breaching charge. When they went back later, they figured out it was right above us in the ceiling, a complete coincidence that it went off at that exact moment. Not that it mattered, with the ceiling falling down on us. I didn’t even manage a shout before I was knocked out, a sprinkler pipe to the head.

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