Teach me to Live [34]

Ritchie’s eyes registered someone entering the cafeteria. Tall dark and handsome, there was no mistaking the figure of his mentor, Sven. He watched him get his breakfast and sit down at the closest table. Ritchie found himself walking over to Sven and sitting down across from him.
“Lucky Charms?”
Sven chuckled, “My favorite…” They sat in silence for awhile, Ritchie not knowing what to say, Sven enjoying his breakfast. “You have group today.” Sven said conversationally.
“Yeah,” Ritchie snorted. “What fun.” He said sarcastically,
“Give it awhile.” Sven smiled mischievously, and left, having finished his breakfast. What was that supposed to mean? Ritchie thought. He shrugged the thought away, however and went back to his dorm.
Ritchie flopped onto the bed and pulled out his sketchbook. He glanced around thinking of what to draw. Gaining no inspiration, he headed outside towards the lake.

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