Teach me to Live [36]

Ritchie listened to the sounds around him. The rustling of the leaves in the wind and the splashing of water in the lake.
“Hey!” a voice called out and Ritchie jolted out of his daze and nearly fell out of the tree. His leg wrapped instinctively around the limb he was on and he grabbed onto the branch above him. His sketchbook fell out of his lap and onto the ground. Ritchie pulled himself back onto the limb securely and jumped down from the tree. He eyed his waker fiercely.
Sven picked up the fallen sketchbook and eyed the drawing. It was good, really good. Far better than anyone he knew.
“Did you do this?”
“No, the one armed man did it.” Ritchie retorted. Sven shook his head smiling.
“It’s good… really good. Where’d you learn to draw so well?” Sven handed the book back to Ritchie who smiled weakly. I got him to smile… Sven thought. I wonder what this kid’s story is. God help me, I’m going to find out.

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