haunted story

It had been a wonderful night. She had finally made contant with the outside world since siummer started. Ahhhhh summer. Amber closed her eyes and breathed in the sweet, rich, smell that spring had brought along and had left for summer to nurture. Fingers sticky from S’mores with marshmellows roasted to perfection. Two S’mores was all it had taken to reach 10:00, time to go home. She waved her farewells to her neighbors and proceded on with her walk home.

It was a dark night, but still just like any other evening. Walking back to her house wasnt a big deed: about two blocks and five minutes away from where the party had been. Mom and Dad had insisted that they needed a night alone and that she was finally old enouph to walk ttwo blocks by herself. She had insisted (in her head, of course,) that mom and dad were up to something. The thought didn’t bother her, though, and she walk home thinking of this one cute boy she had met.

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