haunted story 3

Before the car’s headlights could reach her, Amber was attacked. A scream escaped her lips, which caused her predator to momentarily realease her. Seeing this as a oppurtunity to run, she did so, because she thought this could be the end. Immediatly, she thouhgt of the things you would, when you know you will die. She was sorry. For everything. She loved her parents. Running, running, the sound of her now bare feet slamming against the pavement. Through a nieghbor’s yard, maybe another. She whispered “I love you,” franticley into the night. Who it was for, Amber did not know, all she knew was that she meant it. With a burning passion. The sound flew back into the night around her and soon after she heard, “I love you, too,” she felt a push in the center of her back that sent her flying across a lawn.

Laying there, on her back, burning where she had been touched. “You meant it, you meant every bit of it.” She was pinned to the ground by something huge. “No, no, please, I didnt,” tears streaming down her face.

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