Silent & Empty

You know the road is empty. No headlights coming through the windshield. No bliding highbeams through the rearview. You’re surrounded by dark, cold road and forest.

But you’re not alone. There’s a single thought in your mind that keeps the warmth of company in your heart. That makes it feel like someones holding your hand. Like someones giving you a hug.

That thought that at the end of this road, she’s waiting for you. That when you get through this dark, cold highway empty of dreams and joy, she’s going to be there. Arms open and smiling wide, she’s going to be with you again.

The windows keeping out the wind and the radio turned off, the car is silent. But her voice is with you. Telling you its going to be okay. Saying she’ll be with you soon, and everything will be right.

The road comes to an end in an abandoned neighborhood. There she is, standing alone amongst shattered windows and dumpsters. An angel in tattered clothes encircled by destruction. The only bright part of your desolated spirit.

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