haunted story 5

When Amber’s eys finally fluttered open, she knew she was not lying on the grass. She breathed in a deep breathe. the summer smell was gone, replaced by a revolting medicine-like smell. Then, of course, it hit her: she was in a hospital. A tall man dressed in all was standing next to her bed, muttering to himself and scribbling down notes on a clipboard. There were several machines beside her, and she was hypnotized by a small bleeping machine next to her, displayng the beating of her heart. “you’re very lucky to have survived.” You glance up at the man, He is tall-ish with thinning grey hair and small beady eyes. “Wha-what happened?” He glances up from his clipboard, sighs, and sets it down at his side. “We dont know. You were attacked, we know that, Beyond that, though, all we can tell you is medical.
Sighing, Amber sets her head down on her pillow, figuring she owuld be stuck there for a long time.

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