Wet Face

I looked up at him from where I’d been sitting at the bottom of the pool, a bit surprised that he’d come diving in.

When he saw that I was just sitting there, not drowning, he looked a bit surprised as well. But he swam down next to me, grabbed my hand, and kicked off, yanking me up to the surface with him.

When we came up he turned on me, gasping for breath.

“Are you crazy!?” he shouted at me.

I was barely listening. All around the pool people were staring. I swam to the edge as quick as I could and ran through the crowd, leaving Jake treading water and staring after me.

I made it inside and ran through the living room, dripping water all over.

“Jo?” Max called, looking up from a conversation with Monica. Then he came running after me, leaving Monica behind.

I ignored him, running to my car and getting into the driver’s seat, slamming the door behind me and leaning over the steering wheel.

I was crying, but my face was wet so you couldn’t see it anyway.

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