Something Past My Eyes

People always tell me how pretty I am. Guy stare at me sometimes.
I really wish they wouldn’t. Its not like I can help the way that I look. It doesnt take any skill, talent, or… anything remarkable to look like I do. I was born like this. I wish that I looked plainer. People dont look me in the eye. Or when they do they just stare. Like they’ve never seen blue eyes before. Im not trying to sound conceited. Thats really how it is. People always seem to notice the way that I look. Some girls would be happy that people notice these things.
But thats all they notice about me. I’ve never been told that im nice. Never been told that im smart. No one ever notices these things about me. They just see me and think “wow, she’s pretty” or “wow, look at those eyes” or they tell me that i should be a model. But I dont want to be just a picture to look at. I want them to see something else. Something past my eyes.

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