Complaint Box

watching tv you get one clear message, never complained about being “perfect”. it’s the one thing everyone wants, to look great. and so if you’re someone that has it, you have no right to complain. but as i watch E! i find myself not siding with the people that tell mischa she has no right to complain, but with the celebrity herself. why should she be happy to always be in the spotlight and always only be known for her looks. sure she has been given a gift with her beauty but she didn’t choose this. but perhaps if she was given the chance to be ugly, she wouldn’t take it. who would? i find myself wondering, while celebrities didn’t ask to be who they are or how they look, did they ever deny it either? no. so who is to blame but their own flesh and blood, themselves. and if we cannot blame ourselves, they who can we blame? and isn’t that just human nature, to complain?

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