Teach me to Live [38]

Ritchie’s silent argument with himself had distracted him form the class and though he was somewhat pleased to know he wasn’t gay, he was rather dismayed to know that he had been asked a question and didn’t know what it was, let alone what his answer would be.
“Umm, excuse me?” Ritchie said, hoping Maria would repeat the question.
“Are you paying attention at all?” Shit, he’d been caught. What now? Think fast..
“Of course I am.”
“Then what did i just say?”
“You asked me a question, but i am a trifle hard of hearing and i didn’t quite catch it.” YES ! GOOD SAVE !
“Oh. I’m sorry. It’s just that group therapy is only good for those open to it and a lot of people just shrug it off as some sort of meeting where pussys try to get attention…” Maria said suggestively. Ritchie was caught completely off-guard. Not only had the teacher or leader or whatever used foul language, but she had totally just described his view of group therapy.. Ahh, what’s going on!?
“So uh, what was the question?” he asked desperately

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