Normal Day?

It started off a normal day. When I walked in, Harry and Nana were sitting on the floor playing with some kind of toy duck. Maybe it was a platypus. I grabbed what looked like a peach and sat on the floor next to them. Nana examined me from head to toe, and immediately noticed a few large stains on my shirt and plaid skirt. They were from a food fight but I told her they were just ink and she totally believed me. Senile old woman. I guess I got what I deserved because when I took a bite of the “peach,” I soon realized that it was a kumquat. They make me gag! Yep, It was a pretty much normal day.

“Where’s Mom?” I asked.
“Check her bedroom, Lynda.”

I had to find mom to ask her what to make for dinner, but when I knocked on her door, no one answered. I could tell she was in there because I could hear “Starship Gallactica,” her favorite tv show. I turned the knob slowly, ignoring the feeling in the pit of my stomach. As I entered the room, I noticed my mom’s body lying face down with a knife in her back.

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