Butterflies 12

Maybe it’s the queen someone whispered, what could she want? A dress made to order, if that’s the case, then I’ll be in my shop. The coachman jumped down and opened the door to carriage.

After a moment the princess stepped out. This surprised the the people. It’s the princess a little girl shouted the princess is here!

She stood there a moment looking around, there were all the people she had wondered about. Then a small boy stepped out of the crowd, he removed his hat, and then took a bow.

She smiled the butterflies were gone.

Sophia noticed a woman on the sidewalk had dropped a stack of books, much too heavy for her to be holding. Sophia ran to help pick them up. Oh princess you shouldn’t. Sophia said nonsense, I will help you inside.

On the way in the princes ask her name? Oh my goodness you have so many books. Welcome to my bookshop and my name is Brook, please, feel free to take a quick peek, are take your time and have a long look. These most certainly are the finest of books.

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