A Brief(did i spell that right) Glimpse into the Deranged Mind of (what's my name again) Yeah Right!

... a Saturday. The day I long for all week. The day that I cry out for in second period English II where I’m the only dang freshman(dork?). Now, it’s Saturday! Soooo bored…

Ahah! laptop! open top. loading…(insert curse words here)... loading…(don’t want to label “mature”)...loading. Finally! I guess I’ll do the usual. Check email, check AIM , check facebook. No email, no buddies, no facebook, no comments, no nothing. Cry.

Ahah! FICLETS ! no comments, no notes, no fame, no fortune, no contacts, no one loves me! I should write a ficlet about my pain, but no one would read it.

WOW ! Laine P. Grey &&& BARomero commented! OMG ! This is like the highlight of my life!

Hmmmm… browse stories. ahhh, “A Brief Glimpse into the mind of (insert random name here)” Sounds Interesting. I wonder who started this series. click back (about a zillion times) should have known it was that genious kid, Stovohobo! I shall write my own.

“It was a dark and stormy night…” backspace. pretty tacky? yep!

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