Faerie in Disguise

Finally! Human School had started and she hadn’t been able to make it to the woods in nearly a week. Plus, as a probie, she often almost blew her cover, like when Ms. Sacco had asked her the name of the North Star. Stupidly, she had replied Brallosk, the fey’s name for it, instead of Polaris. The class had felt the ripple of power with the name of the First Faerie, she was sure of it. Being a Faerie in disguise was hard.
Luckily, it wasn’t much longer until she could return to the Fey Court to deliver her depressing Pollution Report.
She finally arrived at the entrance to the Portal. She cried out in fear at the sight of the ring of oaks. A flowering pink orchid vine crisscrossed the trunks, effectively barring entrance.
The Fey Portal was locked for danger of Human discovery.
It only took several minutes for her to clear her head. Whatever it was, she was probably the only agent still out here-and it was up to her to find and disarm whatever had made the Court block the Portal.
She had a new mission.

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