Chrissy is Gone

How could it have happened like this? Only ten minutes ago, he and Chrissy had been perfectly happy, watching Tomorrow & Forever at her house. Neither of them had had anything to drink, especially not him. And now Chrissy lay cold and broken on the curb. The police sirens flashed as the paramedics stood around drinking coffee. He wanted to rip it out of their hands and spill it over their heads.; Help Chrissy!, he wanted to shout. But he knew that was stupid. She was dead; there was no Chrissy to help, not anymore.
A policeman approached him hesitantly.
“Sir? You Christina Swallow’s boyfriend?” he asked in a hick drawl. He only nodded silently, engulfed in the ice cold pain.
“Well, I feel obliged to tell you then, that the kid that caused this accident was drunk driving.”
He stared at the officer, aghast, not understanding. Then he saw a boy attempting to walk 10 steps heel-to-toe in a straight line-trying, but not succeeding. He finally cried then, the icy pain swallowing him whole. Chrissy was gone.

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