Aktorius and the Ants

Aktorius, like I said, was subdued, so naturally, I was surprised when he started talking to me. Of course, I thought him odd at first, but no more than the average person. Except for his teeth.

I don’t mean to imply that his teeth were… scary. They weren’t. They were beautiful. Not pointy.

I must clear this up. By me pointing out his teeth, many have inferred that Aktorius was a vampire. You could never be more wrong.

When I did finally see him in the sunlight, I realized Aktorius was an angel.

“Ak, come out with us,” beckoned the other girls. I grimaced. There’s nothing worse than whiny girls like these.
“I don’t wanna,” he mumbled. The girls scowled and went skipping down the path.
“Ugh.” I cried. “Stupid ants.” I jumped out of the grass, shaking off all the tiny nuisances.
“Watch out!” Aktorious screamed, leaping from the porch to the street were a car was intent on my doom.
“You’re flying.” I frowned as he set me down. “I mean… thanks.”

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