In Case of Trouble

“But what about Zooey?” Judas turned to her companion. “Where are his parents?” Zooey stood quietly in the corner, awaitng the answer. King Amudsen cleared his throat.
“Zooey, you have become king overnight. I’m terribly sorry.”
“What?” Zooey straightened. “What’s that supposed to mean? How’d they…? When did they…?”
“It was last month. They were under seige. Hostages.” Zooey turned his face from them. “Are you certain?” The king looked uneasy.
“No. All bodies were burned.”
“Then there’s hope… however little. Judas, we need to get back to the temple.”
“Absolutely not!” King Amudsen interjected. “She has been gone for too long, I shan’t let her out of my sight, again.” Judas pried herself out of his arms.
“But, how would they know to go there?” She asked.
“I told them. They always knew where we were, in case there was trouble.” He confessed.

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