moving forward into the abyss

waking up on a cold winters day. the smell of yesterday’s rain. you can’t help but feel joy inside. to feel your breath and know you’re alive. time simply passes and nothing can change. everything’s waiting and there’s nothing you can’t gain. tree’s watch you and wait for your rising. and squirrels sit up high secretly demising. there’s not a word to be said. nothing to fear, nothing to dread. he can’t hear you and she can’t see. the eye in my face. i’m what i want me to be. nothing will grow so nothing will die. i fear it may be time to say goodbye. nothing ever happens, no joy or pain. it seems we’ll have to start over agian. we don’t look to the left and don’t look to the right. we look forward and nothing is out of sight. forgetting the past that we leave behind. it’s about tommorow and the adventure we’ll find. so take one more step forward. never step back. moving closer. don’t get off track. it’s time you realize what you want to be. i realize as i still lay in my bed. i want nothing. it’s just not me.

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