Changing enemy lines

Michelle was hesitant to go down the stairs, and was really walking at a turtle’s crawl. If she had looked back she would have seen how visiably delighted I was at her uncertainty, and the way her whole body shook as she went one more step into the unknown, well her unknown.

I was hoping that all the surprises I had endured would further goad her into picking the right side,my side. And if our parents keeping this secrect from her wasn’t enough to get her to stay quiet, I was hoping the fact that the wires, she had yet to notice, would. I know Michelle, and I guess all these years I made myself “turn the other cheek” and pretend I didn’t know something was up, that she wasnt my friend, but one thing I do know is that Michelle is self centered. The fact that our “parents” are putting her life at risk with electrical wires will definitely scare her to myside, or at least towards revenge. Now all I had to do was get that self- centered dimwit to pay attention to her surroundings and I knew just the thing!

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