Pulp Future: The Legacy of Stella Starr

“When I find out who you are, I’m going to kick the crap out of all of you losers!”

Sam Starorzewski raged at her unseen attackers, although her angry shouts sounded more like “mmf-mmm-mmf!” because not only was Sam hooded and tied to a chair, she was gagged as well.

Gentle hands removed the hood and gag and loosened Sam’s bonds. She jumped up, punching the first person she saw to the floor, which turned out to be a mousy woman in a white coat. Sam turned, taking in her surroundings and ready to dish out two-fisted punishment to anyone else stupid enough to get close.

Sam was in a warehouse-like room with shiny metal floors and walls. Scientific equipment and computers blooped, bleeped and sparked all around her, and she was surrounded by a bunch of nerds in lab coats.

“What do you pervs want with me?” Sam asked. A man that she assumed was the head nerd stepped forward.

“It’s not you we want, Samantha,” the chief nerd answered. “it’s, well… how much do you know about your grandmother, Stella Starr?”

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