A Debate Amongst Ourselves; A Resolution Of Action To Be Taken


The prat flounces in and tells us we are trapped here for three months. For what? To be tested, prodded, examined. There is dissension within the Parliament Of Flesh: some are concerned man’s new machines might see what is hidden, others are confident that technology will never see the hidden world.

We remind ourselves: DeVries used a galvanic mechanism against us. We, ourselves, intended to use their Tesla’s engines for the harvest.

This will not do!

Three months.

We could leave easily enough-

Suspicions will be raised if we do.

Suspicions will be raised if we stay and feed again! The nurse’s superior believes she has been abusing opiates, and that is why there’s been no furor! We were hasty in our choice of food and lucky in the outcomes thus far!


Yes, we heard our “doctor” yelling at someone about a Mohammedan physic. What?

Not a man, but a thinking machine?

Yes, that makes more sense – we were blind.

That is useful indeed.

We could finish the harvest from this place.

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