Honorable Mention

Sorry for keeping everyone in the dark, but I’ve been away from home all day. Anyway, it’s time for the Honorable Mentions of the challenge, the people who tried their best and succeeded in making a beautiful ficlet out of five completely unrelated words. (Sorry if the Award names suck)

The Starship Commander Award goes to Officially, for crafting a really wonderful story out of five words creatively and with grace.

The “In the Stylings Of…” Award goes to llamaluvsmenotu for creating a ficlet that no other ficleteer could have made.

The Wordsmith Award goes to Mask by the Moon for pairing two unrelated words into one. Plaid ink. Need I say more?

The Short But Sweet Award goes to Amaster, for fitting five words into a tiny four sentences.

Ode to Girls With Knee-Length Skirts by Laine P. Grey was one I truly enjoyed, though it sadly did not fit the challenge. A remarkable story nonetheless. Heck, it even included the words “Honorable Mention” in it! The Unsung Hero Award.

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