Wherever the Road Bends

“Why didn’t they come after us?” Judas asked quietly. “Did you know?” She turned to her father who hung her head in shame. “Didn’t you care?”
“It doesn’t matter now.” Zooey snapped. “They knew, but didn’t come. The end.”
“No! It’s not ‘the end’, Zoo! Don’t you see?” Judas looked at her father. “I’m not going back with you. I’m going with Zooey.”
“Hold on, Jud. I don’t know if I’m going back.” Zooey walked away from both of them.
“Your people need you,” she shrieked.
“Don’t be silly. They don’t need me. They’ve lived this long without me.”
“Then where shall you go?”
“Wherever the road bends. Are you coming?” He smiled at her.
“Of course.” They joined hands and sauntered off, leaving King Amudsen flabbergasted.

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