Aktorius the Angel

I noticed two small cuts on his back as his wings folded into place. “Looks painful.” It was the only thing I could say concerning the circumstances.
“Not very.” Aktorius managed a smile. He looked worried. “You can’t do stuff like that,” he admonished.
“I wasn’t trying to meet my eminent doom, you know.” I tried to make light of my recent near-death experience.
“Whatever the excuse, be careful. You’re my last hope.”
“Last hope?” My head cocked to one side questioningly.
“Barbara Regald. My last… case. I didn’t do so hot. She ended up… Anyway, if things don’t work out with you, I’m back on pavement duty.”
“What are you talking- My gosh!” I gasped. “You’re my guardian angel.” Aktorius stared at me, as if to say I can’t believe you’re that slow.
“I guess you could say that. But, I wouldn’t go blabbing it to the whole world,” he scowled. I never knew angels could be so rude.

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