An Unforgettable Memory

I was sitting on a rickety, old picnic table, next to a rusted grill, on a small hill of sand with overgrown dune weeds on it. Flightless seagulls roamed around in search of food as I kicked sand at them. It was the painted clouds and a cool breeze that pulled the night together. The sun was slowly falling into the ocean and the moon was just being born. Kids passed by on bikes, while couples held hands and shared a smile. The teenagers came out of their day caves that they call home, while the families headed in to bed. The birds sang their love songs to each other and the crickets chirps set the beat of my heart. Darkness started to trickle in and my eyes grew heavy. I sat and watched the stars became more visible while thinking about the ocean as it tried to crawl out and onto the land after a little girl in a pink Toto (who obviously dressed herself) laughed and ran away screaming. What I would give to be her careless, beautiful age again. I said goodbye to my summer that was all that and more.

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