The Boy Who Never Studied

The child squinted his eyes trying to look through the misty window at the play ground that loomed outside. The young boy turned his attenion back to the teacher who was leaning against her desk in front of the classroom.
“So is it true?” The young boy asked with a sense of curiosty and fear.
“It is true.” The teacher nodded and smiled. She stood upright her slender hands running down pressing her dress in order. The teacher than turned towards the window and began walking slowl, she stopped as she reached the window
“He roams the playground you know.” She turned to look at the students a devilish grin upon her face. “Little Johnny. He never did his homework and he never studied. So as the years went by he never passed his first year of school. So when he was too big for the classroom they let him stay at the playground and thats where he died of old age or something. He haunts the playground because he can’t go anywhere else. So who wants to end up as Little Johnny.”
The little boy began to study.

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