Who is She? (III)

Brian was curious now.
“Oh just some stuff that I wrote, nothing special.” Madison said dismissively.
“You like to write?”
“You better believe it.” she smiled.
“Are you good at it?” There was something about her he found intriguing.
“You tell me.” she handed him the notebook.
He scanned the first page and soon found himself lost in her words.
“Wow.” he said finishing and handing the notebook back to her. “You have got to finish that story.”
She grinned. “Interested?”
He nodded. “It was amazing. I’ve never read anything like it.”
She blushed from his high praise. “Oh, please…”
“I’m serious.”
“Well I might never finish.” she said. “I have no idea where to go from there.”
Brian looked disappointed. Then his face lit up. “Maybe I could help.”
“Yeah. I don’t know if it will work but I can try.”
She looked delighted. “I would like that.”
“Meet me at Starbucks tomorrow before you go to the library…”

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