Beautiful Disaster

“You obviously don’t know what I mean when I say that we need to stick together as a family. Not just for us but for our children!” exclaimed Bridget.
“Bridget, we can’t just keep fighting like this and not do anything about it! All I can say is that we need a divorce…now!”
Hayden, their oldest girl, was holding Carter and Brielle in her arms, sobbing, laying her head on Carter’s wet shoulder. Carter was 4, Brielle was 1, and Hayden was 13. Hayden heard all of the ongoing, never-ending, and petrifying fights since Brielle was born. Never did she mention them, but it was still ripping her heart to shreads.
Later that night, Carter went down to the kitchen for his usual bedtime snack. A lit candle caught his eye. He followed his first instinct.

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