The Beginning Choice 2: At the Office

You shake your head and pull back out onto the street. Your office is a pediatric dentist’s on the edge of New Brunswick. The brightly colored bricks and flyers welcome you, as always, into the office. You hear several crying children, but it no longer bothers you after seven months here. However, when you pull open the door, several men in a shocking shade of red confront you. They have knocked out all but the smallest children. They shove you roughly into the middle of the room with the fish tank. The glass is cracked and dead fish lay all around it. They force you to stand on it, where you see a lasered hole in the roof. Another man in red rappels down from a jet and attempts to haul you up.
Do you:
1) Let him take you into the jet?
2) Knock him out,stand and fight, and save as many children as you can? or
3) Save yourself and make a run for it?

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