The Flight choice 1

You fire your missiles at the red jet who led you here, assuming it must be a leader of some sort. It explodes, and the several jets closest to it explode as well. The cracked, burned hulls fall noiselessly into the lake below. the others immediately close the circle again, but do not fire. You are puzzled until you look closer and see that they are not equipped for offensive fights. You smile grimly to yourself and fly over their heads, back in the direction you came from. It’s at that point that a huge red mother ship appears behind you. It fires a huge heat-seeking missile that you cannot possibly avoid. You try all your flight tricks with it, but it still holds fast to your heat signature.
Do you:
1) attempt to cool your temperature by turning off the engine and freefalling for as long as possible? or
2)go through all your hardest tricks again?

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