The Flight choice 2: Following

You immediately realize you are far too outnumbered for a fight, and radio back:
“All right, I’m following you.”
The original jet flies several minutes west, then drops in for a landing. It is at a secluded forest with a large building, equipped with a landing roof. All the jets follow behind and around you, making escape virtually impossible. You can only hope it will be easier at the building.
You land next to the leader and get out immediately. A man in the same shade of red gets out and shakes your hand, which you think is odd for a kidnapper.
“So, mate, what do you think of our home base?” he asks conversationally, which you also find odd. He has an Australian accent that makes him hard to understand.
“Umm…” you reply, “Why did you make me come here?”
“Well, mate, we’re the SAIA . Secret Agent Incapacitation Association. So, no hard feelings, but…” He pulls out a huge double barreled gun and shoots you.

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