Nothing good comes without bad
Nothing free is really free
Act, and then feel your consequences
Cover your tracks, but carry your heart

Feeling, breathing, living
Thats all I’m trying to do
Keeping myself ready, and knowing what I must do
Knowing….but not knowing at all

Dont say those things!
You break my heart
Dont smile that way, I dont want to forgive you
But I must

Dont tell me your stories of far away places
Yeah I’m sure its better to be on your side of the fence
Your grass sure looks greener, but I’ll stay where I’m at
I’ll figure this out

Because I have a will, with no way
I’ll find a way to make this better
The way it was before
When it was just us, and the fireworks lit up the sky
And we swore that those were the best days of our lives
Where did that go?
I call its name and it doesnt come

But I’ll put my nose in this book, and I’ll read it well
And I’ll turn myself around and look better, all better

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