The Russian choice 2

To your amazement you see that the pilot from the water jet has escaped the explosion and is in his ejector seat, falling into the trees in the distance. Curiosity takes over, and you veer your jet away from the lake and over to the trees.

You are relieved to find that the rough fall has left the pilot immobilized yet still conscious. You get out of your jet and walk over to the pilot. After removing his helmet, you find that his face is riddled with odd tattoos. Upon closer inspection, you see that they all say SAIA .

“What is SAIA ?! Why are you after me?!” you scream to the pilot.

The pilot does not answer but instead mutters a foreign language that you make out to be Russian. You grab his head and throw it against the ground, then slap him across the face a few times for good measure.

“Stupid American,” he finally says, “Viktor has always been following you. In fact, here he comes now!”

You look up and see another jet approaching.
Do You:
a) continue to run
b) wait for Viktor

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