The Creature in my Writing

As I paced the lush Mediterranean beach, I thought to myself. Why am I a writer? Why does the sun set? Why are cats a recurring theme in my two major novels?
Suddenly, my mind caught hold of that though, and I wondered why I had mentioned cats in every single on of my stories published by a certain publisher. I honestly couldn’t think of reason. Perhaps it was because cats were random. Or maybe they were not so random as they appear…
I thought about when I was writing the stories in question, and decided that perhaps I had been writing at some level for the benefit of someone who’s favourite animal happened to be a cat. Was this a trait that I wanted to keep in my writing? I did not know, and yet I felt that I needed some how to move to a different theme. But cats weren’t a major theme, I countered! They were just a minor motif! Just a minor motif! JUST A MINOR MOTIF !!!!

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