Run and Kiss

After doing that I instantly regreted it. What was I teaching them about respecting someone for who they are? I guess I wasn’t teaching them anything. “Guys, girly, soft Linz is gone for good . . . . as long as you respect me for being who am and no more trying to change me. Understood?” The guys looked like they forgot to breathe.
“Fine.” Mitch said. The guys all agreed with that and the game really begun. At my next at bat I hit a three run homer. I still got it and the guys know it.
Gina and Carmen had gone home earlier and I was walking to my house next door, it was late and I had already missed dinner. All of the sudden I heard footsteps behind me. It was, of course, Ty.
“Hey Linz!”
“Go away.” I replied.
“But Linz, you really showed everyone tonight and I’m really proud of you.” I turned around to get really in his face but he was right behind me. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and couldn’t help but smiling. Then we kissed in the moonlight. It was so romantic but this time, I ran.

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