Dog Days

Roll roll slide. Roll roll slide. Roll roll oh I hear her comming. Shotzy stop! Get off my bed your still wet. I got time for 2 more rolls before she can grab me. Ha you missed me under the bed I go. Come back here. Come on. Hey there’s my ball and someone left me a shoe. Grr! grr! Take that fuzzy shoe. Shotzy what are you doing thats my house shoe. No time to get the shoe just run. What someones knocking arf! arf! arf! open the door open it hurry arf! Shotzy get down.Not til she pets me. Oh what a cute doggie.Yea yea pet me! Now rub my tummy come on you said I was cute. Hey here comes the cat lets play,come on cat play with me.Hiss hiss! I take that as a no.Wait I hear the crinkle of, are they in the kitchen is that food I smell ah ah the aroma of burguars and fries.Haft run cat.Maybe if I give her the look.No. Well the kid he aways drops something,come on kid, drop it. Drop,yes I knew you would,easy on the ketchup next time.Oh I love that clumsy kid,he’s good for something after all. To the bed pillow time.

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