Luncheon from a Nightmare

The lunch at the cafeteria was surprisingly good—of course, I only ate the make-it-yourself waffles and the blue jello. yum. My best friend Danielle and I were making our way through the tables until we found the ever-growing (I wish) group where we sat. My friend immediately hit it off with a new guy, and I was left sitting alone, further down.
Until my would-be knight in shining armor came to my rescue. Flute Boy picked up his tray and moved like, seven places down to sit by me. I grimaced at Dani, but she only laughed (whether that was at me or at a joke the cute guy had just told, I wasn’t sure). Flute Boy continued attempting a conversation, which I avoided through the same tactics as before.
I was so irritated with the whole situation, the next time Dani addressed me, I merely rolled my eyes.
“Ah, Trixie, you’re just jealous cuz I’m hot,” she said, looking slyly at her guy.
“You wish,” I replied coolly.
Then Flute Boy turned to me: “I think you’re really hot, Trixie.”
I very nearly choked and died.

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