I made eye contact with a friend sitting further down, who was in on the whole “urgent” situation. She had the same problem with a 6’5”, overweight Latino guy, so I figured we could ditch ‘em together. I was right. We jumped up, cleared our trays (on this really cool conveyor belt that goes to the kitchen…it was clever) and ran at top speed outside. There was this little path with huge pine trees and a creek there, so we slowed down. I immediately filled her in on the situation and complained about him.
“He’s so ugly!” I complained to her.
“Well, so’s Fabio,” she replied, grimacing.
“And he follows me everywhere!”
Paranoid, I glanced behind me.
Guess who was there?
I made more eye contact with Maggie.
“And he’s so….tall...” I cried melodramatically.
“Hey, Trixie, let’s go under those huge trees! I’ve been wanting to do that since Day 1!” she replied, equally overdone.
Hopefully that would get rid of him…

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