The Ring

Dani sat down at her desk, a huge pile of homework awaiting her. She opened her text book to the first page and started to take down notes. About an hour into her homework she heard something hit her bedroom window. She walked over and looked out to see Logan standing outside. Dani’s heart began to race, even though she hated him, she was sure she still had very real feelings for him. She walked outside and met up with Logan.
“Let’s walk.” He said.
They walked in silence until they approached the park where Logan sat down on the bench and Dani joined him.
“I don’t how to say what I’m thinking Dani, so well I just want you to have this.” Logan reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring, which Dani instantly recognized as his championship ring from the soccer tournament he had told her about.
“I can’t take that.” Dani said.
“But, I want you to have it.”
“You love that ring.”
“I love you.” Logan’s voice cracked as he said it.

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