The Grammarian and the Lemur

“I am correct!” hollered the grammarian!
“You are not”, I countered, “You have no idea what you are talking about”.
The lemur-like creature who was continually yelling at me had some issue with my grammar. The little despicable beast didn’t know what it was saying.
“It is only, proper,” started the grammar freak slowly, “but I cannot image how you came up with this idea.”
“It is simple”, I replied. “A string needs to be contained, without excess and unrelated punctuation. Only the truly elite members of the order of grammar understand this trifling problem”.
“All crazy, you are! Punctuation goes inside quotation marks. Disrupted the order of things, you hideous entities have! Suffer from your word play, the worlds will! Yeessssssss,” remarked the creature.
I turned away, disgusted. A wave of my hand was all that it took for the crippled shell of a grammar lord to be faded into oblivion. It hadn’t understood. The order of the worlds would continue with out punctuation.

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