Chains of the Gods

A long time ago, there was a world where humans ruled the earth. They ruled the skies, the trees, the vast oceans, and all things that lay between. They lived, fought, loved, and died, without ever stopping to think that their time was fleeting, like a small bright spark in a stretching wasteland of darkness. It was the golden age of mankind, a period of decadence and freewill unchecked by fear.

During this time, there were two unable to interact, watching as the humans forgot the stories of their past. They came from different sides of earth, from an age when gods roamed freely across the land.

Ageless, timeless, and cursed eternally.

One, the bearer of fire, who favored man above all others. The other a chief of her people, cursed into stone to watch as times changed and the old ways faded as humans took the gifts of Nature and destroyed them.

Their stories were slowly forgotten, their chains fading until one day they ceased to exist and they broke forth with an unholy rage that shook the heavens.

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