The Bad, Bad Comment

Darlene stared at her husband, not quite believing he’d said what he just said.

“What?” he asked, puzzled.

Darlene continued to stare, feeling a shock that was quickly turning into disgust. “You wouldn’t, Don.” It was almost a question. “That’s …” she searched for words. ”... just wrong.”

“Why is it wrong? I was being honest. You asked me, and I told you what I’d do if I had a—”

“Stop!” Her hands fluttered in front of her face, as if they were unsure whether to cover her ears or slap her husband.

Don was becoming exasperated, “Oh, my God, you unbelievable hypocrite.” Darlene looked stricken, but he continued, “After you told me about that little encounter with those people in Richmond. You told me everything, and I appreciated your frankness, even though it hurt hearing it. And now I speak frankly to you, and this is how you react.” He glared at her, breathing heavily through his nose.

She cast her gaze to the floor and muttered, “You’re right.”

Then she turned and left the room.

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