Dahani's Story II

Dahani took one last look at the castle behind her then turned around to face the task before her. She wasn’t going to turn back now.
She rode with her two personal guards towards the area where the army was supposed to be stationed, not knowing what would greet her.
After 3 days, they found the tents of hundreds of soldiers prepared to stop any sign of an uproar.
On arrival, she requested to see the king as quickly and privately as possible, a request that was immediately carried out.
Dahani was escorted to his tent and went inside, alone.
She saw at him standing across the room for the first time in months. Immediately, every wall that had been between them fell. Dahani ran to him and was greeted with open arms.
The love that had always been between there was reunited in that moment and an understanding passed without words that they would never leave each other again.
“Amitri,” said Dahani, “I love you.”
“I know, my love, I’m coming home,” Amitri responded.

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