I'm Moving

Erynne kept her eyes on all her fellow classmates for the next couple of days. Unsurprisingly, nothing interesting came about. What more could one expect from 14-year-olds, and human ones at that? So several days later, she announced to the class that she was moving. She carefully wiped her foster mother’s mind, using only minimal magic because she didn’t have a magic source like Puck’s Bend in the Court.
Finally free of her constraining parent, Erynne transformed herself into a slender, tan, curvaceous auburn-haired female with celery-colored eyes. She needed everything going for her for this one, including perfect beauty.
Only one last thing, she thought as she patted her small, fashionable purse (which was actually a Bottomless Trunk). She camped out in the woods that night only a few miles from her old house. Brallosk shone brightly and she prayed, fervently, to the First Fey that the Fey would not be discovered by humans. but she never expected what happened next.

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