Oh, Humanity

I have seen nations fall.

I have seen the lineage of Kings and Queens rise and fall like the ebbing of the ocean.

I have seen beggars reign and great men fall to paupers.
I have seen death, wars, and mankind on the brink of extinction many times.

And yet…. and yet nothing so shattering as this has ever occurred.

They left me.

Every man, woman, and child gone.
Took up into the sky for promises unseen. The hope of an unspoiled planet gleaming in their eyes. Without a thought they left their material possessions- clutching the promises of a winged being with liquid-soft eyes.

They left me.

Oh, Humanity.
I have been abandoned- discarded like a ragged toy long outgrown and barely recalled. My beauty no more than a fleeting memory in the pubescent mind of the human race.

I am so alone.

They left me.

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