Cinderellis in the Club

It was her first night clubbing in the big city, and she definitely wasn’t liking it. Suddenly she heard a loud voice, much louder than the others (a feat in itself).
“Hey! In the red!”
She turned, startled, her red skirt twirling. A ridiculously cute guy was walking towards her, a ridiculously hopeful look on his ridiculously tan face. She smiled, shocked. 5 seconds later, he was in front of her.
“Hey,” he said.
“Well, that’s more normal than hollering at me across the club,” she said, smiling nervously.
“Ah, it was a dare,” he said shyly, “but I didn’t think any girl here was worth it. But, ya know…if I had five cents for every girl as pretty as you here, I’d have five cents.”
She giggled. And wouldn’t you know it, just then Hey There Delilah came on, which could make her fall into any guy’s arms.
“Dance with me?” he said.
She nodded and they danced, swaying to the music.
“You know, I don’t even know your name,” she said coyly.
His face suddenly became grim. “I’m afraid you can’t know that….”

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