The Party

Dani walked up the steps to the Parker’s house. Logan had invited her to a party being hosted by his friend Kevin Parker. Dani had been a little nervous about attending it because she new that there were going to be no parents home, and that there was probably going to be alcohol. But she did not want to miss out on a night with Logan, and besides she wouldn’t drink. The party started and she and Logan danced for a while, and then Logan went to go get them some soda.
“I’m just going to find a bathroom while you’re gone.” Dani told Logan.
“Yeah, okay.” He said.
Dani walked up the stairs and went down the hallway. She opened the door to one of the bedrooms, thinking that there might be a bathroom inside. She walked into the room, which appeared to be Kevin’s. As she closed the door behind herself, she noticed somebody sitting on the bed. That somebody was Jeremy.

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